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Grass Valley Jack O‚ÄôLantern 

DOB  5/2/2019 DNA on file

Sire   Algedi Farm Sizzlin' Hot Honey

SS    Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter

SD   Rosasharn's UMT Tupelo Honey EEEE91

Dam   Lil Miss B Haven Trick or Treat

DS      Lil Miss B Haven WM Francois

DD     Wood Bridge Farm Hocus Pocus VVEE90

   Dam: Lil Miss B Haven Trick or Treat (FF udder)  Photo courtesy of Grass Valley Goats

Jack is a stunning buck with a stellar pedigree grounded in consistent producers and show winners. He is fairly young but will have several daughters freshening spring of 2023.

MoneyPit Farms$$ ME Magnus (*B pending)

DOB  4/2/2022 DNA pending

Magnus dam Temptress has a beautiful udder at 7 , nearly eight years old. (Her linear score in mammary is an 'E')  Like a fine wine is improving with age. His young sire Merlin is by Grass Valley HS Miss Moo who really excelled in LA scores across the board. Combined with the pedigree behind Grass Valley Jack O'Latern (A Wood Bridge Farm Hocus Pocus grandson) it really looks like an exciting combination and great potential for this chocolate and white blue eyed boy!

Sire  MoneyPit Farms$$ JK Merlin

SS    Grass Valley Jack O'Latern

SD    Grass Valley HS Miss Moo EEEE91

Dam  1*M Grass Valley Temptress VEVE89

DS     Grass Valley Sizzln' Hot LMan

DD    Piddlin Acres BRS Allure

                                Dam - Grass Valley Temptress 1*M VEVE 89

                             Sire's Dam - Grass Valley HS Miss Moo 1*M (EEEE91)

Till-Riv BWZ Elton John

DOB 2/9/2023

Sire: Better Wayz EJ Zipper

SS: Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay

SD: Better Wayz Zee

Dam: Oak Apple Valerie VEEE 90

DS: Oak Apple Hector

DD: Oak Apple Marocchino

Elton's dam Valerie scored a 'V' in shoulder assembly, an 'E' in rear legs, a 33 in rump width and a 35 in fore udder attachment. His kids are looking great this year and showing that improvement in width of rump and rear leg angulation we were hoping for. He also stamped all of them with gorgeous heads. First of his does to freshen will be in spring 2025.

More pics to come after summer haircuts.

                   Photo Courtesy of Til-Riv Farm