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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Sales Policy

Goats are herd animals and will be very unhappy if they go to a home with no other goats. Therefore, I will only sell to homes that currently have goats with one exception, you purchase two goats so they have the company they need to be content. Wethers aren't very expensive and fill this need perfectly. Despite what others might say, other 'species' are not appropriate herd mates. 

If you have questions about starting your own herd, I am happy to help.  Anyone  purchasing a goat from this farm will always have my support. I will always be available for questions regarding, housing, feeding, breeding, whatever your questions, I am here to support you. 

I do not offer discounts and I don't negotiate prices. There is way more invested in  these animals than I can ever get back from their selling price. Please don't insult me by offering less. Also, no animal leaves my premises without being fully paid for, no  exceptions. 

With the exception of wethers, all goat kids will be supplied with an ADGA or AGS registration application. The name of the kid will be chosen by this farm and filled in on the application. The buyer is responsible for paying fees at the time of sale. Different registries are optional and at your discretion. 

For any adult doe sold the new owner has the option of breeding her to one of OllieMae Farm's bucks for $100 breeding fee. She must be bred before she leaves the farm as she will not be allowed to return due to biosecurity concerns.  I am willing to hold her for 30 days if 25% of the purchase is paid in the form of a nonrefundable  deposit  and will confirm pregnancy by blood test at no additional charge. However, if she remains beyond 40 days, deposit will be forfeited and the doe will again be  available for sale. 

Deposits are not required to reserve a kid. Contact me and I will add you to the buyers list. After kidding and at 2 weeks of age, I will call you with availability and a deposit must be placed within that week in order to maintain your reservation on that kid. If deposit is not received within that week, the next person on the list will be offered same kid or offered to the public for sale. Reserved kids must be picked up within 2 weeks of the time deposit was made.   Any kids not picked up by the end of that two week period forfeit their deposit and the kid becomes available for sale. Regarding transporters - once they leave our farm, we are no longer responsible for the health of that kid. Please choose your transporter wisely.

I will not air ship kids. The sales prices on  goats do not make it worthwhile to spend the time and effort to air ship.

Bottle bucklings sold younger than 12 weeks and destined to be wethers will be sold without papers. I can advise on that process. 

Any goats purchased that are leaving the state and require health certificates will be the responsibility of the buyer including costs and types of testing needed.  These costs will need to be paid for in advance of the exam.

I reserve the right to retain any kid for any reason which is why I don't offer any kid for sale until 2 weeks old giving me time to evaluate.  At that time I will begin taking  deposits thus avoiding having to return monies collected in advance of the birth.

It is our intention to breed and sell show quality animals therefore we guarantee they be free from physical defects and/or genetic faults that would disqualify them from the show ring with one exception - over height. There is no way to know in advance if a kid will mature over height. 

I must be notified 24 hrs in advance if plans change and you cannot pick up your animal as scheduled. 

I also sell all animals with the first right of refusal courtesy should you decide to sell one of them in the future. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this contract please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your consideration. By purchasing a goat from this farm you are acknowledging  you have read and accepted the terms of this contract.